Món Sant Benet incorporates the most advanced technologies for corporate events

Augmented reality, giant touch screens or teleportation of holograms are some of the possibilities offered by the equipment.

Esdeveniments hibrids

Món Sant Benet wishes to respond to the current needs sought by many companies that, when organising an event, are affected by the difficulties in bringing many people together in the same space. To solve this problem, it now holds hybrid events - which combine face-to-face attendance with virtual attendance - with the incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies.

With this aim in mind, Món Sant Benet has reached an agreement with the specialised company, Sono, to install a state-of-the-art interactive set in its spaces that will allow the incorporation of all technological innovations in this field. The set is special for holding these hybrid events, as speakers can be there in person at the venue and attendees can connect virtually, allowing for multi-site events, with remote connections meaning those not in attendance can still participate.

In this set, presentations can be delivered with augmented reality (AR) formats, it has a large LED touch screen, and even allows for holographic teleportation, in other words, the image of a person who is in another place can be incorporated as a speaker.

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