Good weather and full activities: success of a new edition of The Flavors of the Earth

“The Flavors of the Earth. Món Sant Benet Autumn Festival and Market ”closes its second edition with very good sensations, very good weather and a constant influx of public throughout the weekend.

Shops and activities in an edition that has had as its protagonist the wildest side of autumn, with activities, among others, around aromatic plants and wild plants that grow along the roadsides.

The Creatardor artisan camp and the cooking workshops of "Menja't la plaça" have delighted the family audience. The little ones have fun building an insect hotel or making their own musical instrument with reeds and other natural materials. They were also able to learn food preservation techniques in the "Oil of Scents and Flavors" workshop and learn how to make an autumn nougat made from sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

The musical touch was put on Saturday by the Ora Pro Nobis concert by Tarta Relena, in collaboration with the Fira Mediterrània. And for those who have wanted a more participatory proposal, the show "Let's make music with the reeds of the hole", which has put an end to the first day of Creatardor and has encouraged visitors to sound in a small impromptu concert the instruments they themselves had created. And, on Sunday, the rhythm of the percussion group Sound de Secà.

In the market, with about fifty stalls, it was also possible to do family workshops, such as learning how to make herb bread, and you could enjoy the usual sample of crafts.

In this year's edition, the tasting and show cooking space has been especially enhanced, allowing the most savvy to discover the different flavors of craft beer, take a tasting tour of traditional recipes with mushrooms and chestnuts such as to main ingredients or to approach the plants of margin with “The kitchen of the forgotten plants” in charge of the collective Eixarcolant among others proposals.

On the other hand, autumn activities and experiences have allowed visitors to make special visits to the monastery and discover, for example, what herbs, ointments and syrups were used to heal the monks, or what the monastery’s infirmary was like. It was also possible to take an ethnobotanical tour to get to know and taste the marginal herbs that grow around Món Sant Benet.

The range of activities has been complemented by an interesting gastronomic offer that has allowed visitors to round off the day by staying for lunch in the autumn tavern or in one of our restaurants.